Jonghun Mania

+ft island;  +idiot;  +awwwww minhwan is so cute here;  +queue;  

+mir;  +queue;  

+seunghyun;  +queue;  

+jaejin;  +seunghyun;  +queue;  

that one reason i stan them 

                                      being sexy 
+i dont know anymore;  +mblaq;  +why are you like this;  +queue;  

Seungho and Joon accidently opening the door whilst the MCs were still interviewing other groups and talking

+idiots;  +joon;  +seungho;  +queue;  

+oppa and his short legs;  +lol;  +i love you still;  +seungho;  +queue;  

how to confess your undying love to oppar in korean

+.....;  +song fucking seunghyun;  +ft island;  +idiots;  +queue;